Rozum Robotics LLC is an international robotics manufacturing company (founded 2015) with representative offices in the USA and Europe, backed by a development team in Belarus. We focus on designing and delivering to the market top and exclusive robotics components, robots and ready-made robotics solutions for industrial and non-industrial applications (HoReCa, Retail, Entertainment).
Our mission is to transform the way people live toward higher standards through facilitating adoption and utilization of robotic technologies. We believe in a world where robots work side-by-side with people to improve living standards: while robots do routine dull jobs, people can embrace creativity. Rozum Robotics also aspires to contribute to the growth of robotics community and industry on a larger scale, through delivering cutting-edge solutions and engaging in collaboration projects.

La proposta d'Affiliazione
Everybody loves coffee. But often your favourite drink tastes different.
We united our 2 passions - robots and coffee - to get best taste and service ever.

Robotic barista R/CAFE prepares only top coffee carefully following the recipe. It was trained by the world champion among human baristas. The robot uses high-tech coffee equipment and never makes mistakes. The whole process is fully autonomous: it takes you just a few clicks to order a drink and make payment. The service is truly non-intrusive.
It’s the most up-to-date coffee bar solution in Europe and USA at the moment.
The same drink. The same taste. Always.

Robotic Barista R/Café
In love with coffee. In love with future.



Da 50.000 a 100.000 euro

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