lEARn the franchising. being here is mandatory.

The Franchising school is the place that Salone Franchising Milano dedicates to those who visit Sfm aiming to approach the world of franchising in order to start their own business. F-school’s aims are alphabetization and introduction to the sector, franchising knowledge divulgation and it addresses especially those who are approaching this business formula.

Module 1 - how to become a franchisee

How to start your own franchise business
What is franchising?
Self-employment and affiliation: 
The correct steps to start your own business and build your professional evolution
Franchise legislation in Italy
Franchise professions

Module 2 - how to start and run a franchise network

When and who can become a franchisor
Conditions and steps to build a network. Economic and financial plan: a simulation model
How to develop? Which affiliates and how to find them
Develop the network abroad
Agents, corners, shops in shop: how to run them? The check-up of existing chains


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